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Being an Early Adopter allows you to experience a unique relationship with continus.io where you can impact the next features and influence our strategic decisions.

Main Benefits

-50% Discount

-50% discount on the annual subscription plan for the 1st app;

-40% discount for the 2nd app; -30% discount for the 3rd app;

Free Onboarding

Your team gets support to onboard and configure their project to work with continus.io

Maturity Assessment

Your team gets a free diagnostic or their development practices with gap analysis

Improvements Roadmap

Your team gets an Improvement Roadmap to enforce security after maturity assessment

Free Premium Support

Your support tickets get priority on normal tickets, with premium  SLA

Submit Feature Requests

Early Adopter can submit the development team with high priority feature-requests

Free Awareness Event

Your team gets a free Awareness session to learn applications security risks & best-practices

On-Demand Coaching

Your team gets on-demand coaching to review scan results and remediation strategies

Customer Advisory Board

You get 1x seat in our Customer Advisory Board to influence and give your feedback about strategic decisions.

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