Automated DevSecOps


DevSecOps is an automated DevSecOps solution that brings together SAST, DAST and SCA in one tool to secure your DevOps pipelines and continuously assess the security of your source code, 3rd party components, containers and APIs

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Automated DevSecOps Platform

 End-to-End Security for Software Supply Chain

Automated DevSecOps in your CI / CD

Integrated in a CI/CD or DevOps pipeline, handles the necessary security activities during the build and deployment (SAST, SCA et DAST) to make sure all newly introduced vulnerabilities are being reported and fixed.

Everything you need in one Platform

Runs all scan types with only one tool: Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), API Vulnerability Scanning and more... 

Custom Dashboards

Application Security becomes visible with custom dashboards depending on the user role (admin, team owner, team member).
Gain knowledge about your Technical, Operational and Executive Metrics and KPIs and take action to reduce your overall business risks.

Automated security validation of your code and your software supply chain on scale Use-Cases...

Automated DevSecOps

Integrated into a CI/CD or DevOps workflow, Continus allows you to add the necessary security activities (SAST, SCA and DAST) without having to operate a dozen servers.

Scaling AppSec

Continus allows effective security assessments of large-scale developments, providing a strategic view for the security team to identify the levers that reduce exposure to application security risks.

Shift to the left

Integrated early in the development lifecycle, Continus reduces the time and cost of fixing vulnerabilities by identifying them as soon as they are introduced into the code.

... and Key-Features

Static Application Security Testing

Secure your software by reviewing the source code of your software to identify sources of vulnerabilities.

Software Composition Analysis

Identifies risks in third-party and open source components that have been integrated into your applications.

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Sophisticated dynamic scans to detecting vulnerabilities in your applications and APIs with minimal user interactions.

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Currently, solution is in a closed beta version. We will be happy to offer a 14 days trial to companies which are using Java language and which want to embrace DevSecOps in a very short time.

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